Our strategic plan will ensure that the SU is working towards a clear student mandate and gives the sabbaticalb officers a clear vision on what the students expect from them as their representatives.


This strategic plan has left no stone unturned and has taken over a year of research and discussion to complete. We believe that this is one of the most comprehensive bits of research into student life at Marjon that has been undertaken by either the SU or the university and we are hugely thankful to Dr Sanjee Perera-Child who led the research and guided us throughout the process of this strategic plan.


This is the Unions first significant strategic plan and this will give a clear structure to how it should be operating for the next three years. Not only will it benefit all of our students, but it will also be of a huge benefit to the sabbatical officers who will have a clear vision they need to follow and certain goals and targets they will need to strive to achieve.


MSU prides itself on its engagement with students and representing the student voice to the University. Despite being one of the smallest unions in the country, both in size and resources, MSU manages to maintain a high level of student satisfaction, and this was shown in the recent NSS score where MSU scored above the national and regional average, putting it in the top half of the league table. If this was a result we were able to achieve before we had a clear strategic plan and student mandate, then it can only go from strength to strength with the implementation of this strategy.

Elias McGill

MSU President 2016-18

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