Welcome to Marjon’s Dance Team!!

Yes, yes dance is a real sport and it is the only sports team at Marjon University who doesn’t throw, kick or catch a ball and we pride ourselves in that.

We welcome all abilities and styles, whether you’ve been dancing your whole life or have never boogied on the dance floor.

Each year we do two performances which you can choose to be in or not. One is at the University’s annual Christmas Ball where the committee choreograph a range of dances to bangers past and present. After Christmas is where you can get your groove on! Our second performance is our End of Year Showcase where anyone can choreograph a dance that suits their style. You can show off your skills, or lack thereof!

When we’re not dancing, we love a good social. We hold both alcoholic and non-alcoholic events so everyone can be involved and have a great time!

Whether dance is your thing or not, give it a go in a friendly environment. 

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Facebook – Marjon Dance Team

Instagram - @marjondanceteam



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