In these turbulent times of Covid-19 some of you will be concentrating on navigating from one day to the next. Thoughts of maximising your employability potential or progressing your career will be far from your thoughts; the Marjon Futures team understands this.

However, for some of you doing what you can to prepare for a post Covid-19 job market can offer you a sense of direction and provide some control over the situation we find ourselves in. A great way to reduce employability anxiety and regain control is to make sure that you are in the best possible shape to seek and gain employment when the employment market starts to recover. The Marjon Futures team is delighted to be able to launch a new Futures online programme, Six-Steps To Be Post Covid-19 Ready. Completing these six steps will help you with this goal.

By knowing what you value, your preferences and motivations you can identify roles you will want to apply for and organisations whom you’d like to work for. Recognising these factors can help you formulate a plan and develop personally and professionally. There are also some things that you can do right now to develop your personal brand and virtual networks, making sure you are employment ready post Covid-19.

Six-Steps To Be Post Covid-19 Ready, can be accessed via Futures online from any internet enabled device. If you would like to discuss, or be supported in any of the themes raised in this message please email Marjon Futures

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