Haden Tye – Deputy President

My name is Haden Tye, and I am your Deputy President for 2016/17. Prior to my position within the Student Union, I studied Sports Journalism for three years at Marjon. I would like to start by congratulating you on joining us at Marjon; you have some brilliant times ahead of you and it is all down to the hard work you have put in to get to this point.

Elias and I are employed to enhance your experience at university. I hope that we have a successful year, in which our community prospers and looks after each other. Together, we are strong. When we campaign together, when we communicate with each other, when we support each other; that is when we succeed.

Some see Marjon as an opportunity to further their education. Some see it is an opportunity to gain vital experience that they will need to help them in their career. Some see Marjon as a fresh start. Most leave with life-long friends. Some leave with lifelong lovers.

But all leave Marjon with memories of the happiest years of their lives and the sense of pride that they were part of a thriving community that punched above its weight at every opportunity. A community that helped one another, that fought for each other, and protected its own.

You have a fantastic opportunity ahead of you. You can define your own future. Make friends, socialise, volunteer, and get involved with everything you can. University is a once in a life time blessing.

Welcome to Marjon, welcome to our community and welcome to the best years of your life.


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